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The European Accident Statement form

You may be familiar with these forms if you have driven to Continental Europe from the UK. If you are involved in an accident while driving in the EU, you should complete a European Accident Statement form. These important forms are in a standard format and used by all EU countries.

Diverse is an authorised supplier of the English language version of the European Accident Statement.

They are protected by CEA copyright and are only available through authorised suppliers, i.e. Diverse Print & Design. Don’t forget to ask your insurer for a European Accident Statement form if you are planning to drive to Continental Europe.

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BBA certificates

We have been printing BBA certificates and logo stickers for hundreds of companies for many years. Undoubtedly you will have heard of the BBA certificate if you are involved with new products in the construction industry.

The BBA certificate is an authoritative document proving the quality, safety and reliability of a construction product and its compliance with UK Building Regulations. It is one of the only ways a manufacturer’s new product or system can gain quick acceptance in the market place.

Look out for the BBA logo or check the BBA website for BBA assessed products.

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Lloyd’s of London

We supply Lloyd’s policies and associated policy documentation to the insurance industry. Lloyd’s Non-Marine Association (NMA), Lloyd’s Policy Signing Office (LPSO) and Lloyd’s Special Wordings (LSW).

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