Remember to ask your insurer for a European Accident Statement form when you drive to the European Continent this summer.

If you are involved in an accident while driving on the Continent, this form will help you to clarify the details of the incident with the third party.

The form you take with you will be in English. If you have an accident in, say France, the other person involved in the accident will be carrying an identical form in French. This is of course if you have had an accident with a French person! Other European language versions are available, as this form is used throughout Europe!

How does it work?
You complete your form in English and the French person completes their form in French. You then both tear off your respective carbon copy and exchange copies. You then both retain an original copy, which you give to your own insurer. It is not a claim form; it is just to make it easier for both parties to agree on the facts of the incident.

Where can I get a European Accident Statement form?
Ask your motor insurer to send you a form. Although it is not a legal requirement to carry a European Accident Statement form, it is peace of mind.

N.B. – The European Accident Statement form is protected by a CEA copyright. They are only available through authorised suppliers.