In the age of digital communications, print retains many unique qualities. Paper can create a sensory and tactile experience; these are engaging qualities that other mediums cannot match.

The physical nature of print adds to the effectiveness, as well as the reading experience itself. The feel of paper, the weight of a magazine or the substance of a piece of Direct Mail gives the reader a sense of reliability and trust.

By using different types of paper, marketers can evoke different feelings within the reader. A flimsy cheap paper suggests you are promoting an ephemeral offer. Just think of those takeaway leaflets! For an eye-catching quirky door drop, consider using a heavy weight paper and a different shape. You will find that interesting Direct Mail tends to be read first or kept for later reference.

BT recently posted an offer to me using a gold edged envelope and a personalised message. It was the first envelope I opened and now I am seriously considering their offer. I am moderately cynical, so the BT Direct Mail campaign must be working!

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