My last two posts covered why you should have a well-designed quality business card and the essential information to include.

In this post, discover how a few simple changes to your humble business card will ramp up your image to deliver a more powerful message.

1.   Does your business card say what your company does?

Example 1 – John Smith & Sons
Example 2 – John Smith & Sons – Organic Butchers

Example 2 not only tells me they are butchers, it also tells me they sell organic meat. Just two words have given me so much more information. People will have a much clearer idea about the company and what it does.

The cost of supplying this additional information? Absolutely nothing!

2.   Does your business card give more information than what you supply?

For example, John Smith & Sons – Organic Butchers, might add
Winners of Best Organic Butchers in Hertfordshire 2013, 2014, 2016.

Now doesn’t that say a lot about them?

You might wish to add similar reputable information about your company. Alternatively, could you add the products and services you specialise in, your opening hours or delivery information?

Business cards are relatively cheap forms of advertising, so you could change them every year to promote new products or achievements.

3.   Does your business card go further than displaying your website address?  Does it drive people to look at your website?

You might like to promote a special offer that is only available through your website.

4.   Use both sides of your card!

Don’t think you can get all this information on one side of your business card? Many companies are missing a trick by only using one side of their card. Why not have both sides printed. The additional cost is small and could be easily recouped from the additional response you receive.

5.   Is your card professionally designed and printed?

Please, please use a professional designer. Insist on quality materials and please have them professionally printed. The lithographic printing process is the preferable method for printing your business cards to a high standard.

A DIY business card looks DIY and does you and your business no credit.

Your card should convey a professional look and feel – in other words, it will reflect the way you want to be perceived.

Business cards are an excellent way to promote your organisation and should never be considered as an afterthought.