It is your opportunity to check the artwork to ensure the layout and copy of your artwork will be printed to your expectations.

A proof is an essential part of the print process to reassure you before thousands of copies are printed. This may not be as disastrous as these ungrammatical tattoos, but we do feel it is a good illustration and reminder of why you should always proof read before applying the ink!

A proof is not for checking the colours on your artwork. This is because your office printer is a very different print process when compared to a professional printing press.

We always provide our clients with a proof of the final design before we start printing. Sometimes we spot glaring errors in artwork supplied by our clients. When we do spot these, we will respectfully point them out to give our client the opportunity to correct their artwork.

We sometimes find our customers give the proof a quick glance and then confirm they’d like us to go ahead with the printing. This is fine of course, and we will comply. It is, however, your responsibility, and responsibility comes with accountability. Unfortunately, if you have not been thorough and you ask us to reprint the job with corrected artwork, then it is only fair that you pay for the reprint!

Yes, we all live busy lives with a thousand things on our minds, but please, please do not use your smart phone to check a proof.

Remember – The proof is your safeguard to avoid paying for a costly reprint.

In my next article, I will give you some tips to help you successfully read your proof and spot any potential errors.